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Storm Damage - March 2009

by Brandon April 12, 2009 02:01 AM

What a mess! (It could have been worse)

Here are some pics from the aftermath of the storm that ripped through my neighborhood the afternoon of March 9, 2009. The gf and I were still in bed dozing...not asleep, but not totally awake either. Things began innocently enough. I was laying there and began to hear the familiar sound of a light rain, thinking "ahhh it's starting to rain". Mere seconds later, I heard pecking noises, like hail, and didn't think a whole lot of it. Right after that, though, the wind picked up significantly. The whole house began to make noise just as I heard "BOOM! BOOM!" (as in big things colliding, not thunder) from outside.

Storm-Damage-Map The sounds of the storm were all too familiar from other tornado-like situations I've been in before. We both jumped out of bed and dashed for the closet, where the crawlspace access is. Just like that, though, it was over by the time we got there.

You can see in the photo to the left where my patio furniture and fence used to be. The part of the storm that came through my neighborhood was never a confirmed tornado, but it might as well have been. It's really amazing that we weren't hurt considering our bedroom was right next to the patio. My neighbor and his family were eating in the kitchen when it all happened. He says he saw the fence rip from the posts and go flying. That must have been a pretty crazy thing to witness.

Now, about a month later, things are pretty much back to how they were. The roof was repaired the following day and the siding was replaced not long after that. A new fence has replaced the old and other minor things have been repaired. The AC unit can't be fixed until temperatures warm up to about 70 degrees or so, according to the heating and air company.

In all, we were pretty lucky that something large didn't come smashing through the bedroom window while we were laying there. My neighbor wasn't quite so lucky. The storm ripped off a pretty large chunk of her roof on the southwest corner, leaving the attic completely exposed. Lots of insulation blew out into our yards. Her place has been fixed up now and you can't tell that it happened. Some of the homes in the neighborhood, though, are still undergoing repairs or have their roofs covered in plastic.

I've had enough of storms to last myself a while...


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