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ThinkGeek is trying to tell me something

by Brandon December 29, 2010 03:03 AM

Funny MonkeyHappy holidays, blog! I forgot about you for a while! Before 2010 is history, I wanted to share a little Christmas-related story with the Internet.

We all know shopping online is convenient, time-saving, and an overall joy compared to fighting retail crowds for the hot merchandise, parking spaces and shortest checkout line. One major hassle with doing your gift shopping online, though, is returns. Online returns almost always mean filling out forms or calling a number, shipping back your merchandise, waiting and so on.

I recently ordered some swag from one of my favorite nerd-accessory sites, ThinkGeek. One of the items in the order was a badge holder that says "meh." You can view it here. It must have been popular this year, because it is out of stock as of this posting. When I received my items, however, my "meh." was nowhere to be found. Instead, I received this:

Cyber Clean

Cyber Clean? That's definitely not a badge holder that says "meh." The order's packing list showed the "meh." badge holder, so I assumed this was just a mix-up during packing. It was right before Christmas, so I can imagine things were flying off ThinkGeek's warehouse shelves.

No problem; I'd just give TG's customer service a call to exchange the Cyber Clean for the badge holder. I got through after waiting a short amount of time. The customer service rep was very professional and apologized for the mix-up. He scheduled the badge holder to be delivered by the Monday following Christmas. TG even let me keep the Cyber Clean as a gift for the mix-up. Getting the badge holder before Christmas was definitely not a big deal. It's just a badge holder, after all!

My shipment arrived Monday as scheduled. I didn't get around to opening the package until Tuesday, however. The box I received was a bit big for a badge holder, I thought. Here's what was inside: [more]

Cyber Clean in box

Yes, MORE Cyber Clean!

Confession ... OK, guys, you got me. My keyboards and mice don't quite have that new-from-factory look any more.  I don't know how you knew that, but I've been caught. Is this a digital Intervention, ThinkGeek? Somehow, your monkeys have discovered my dirty digital devices and have decided to take the action that my long-time denial has deterred!

The packing slip in this shipment listed the Cyber Clean as the product that was shipped, so who knows what the problem was this round. The SKUs for the "meh." clip and the Cyber Clean are different, so there could be a problem somewhere down the line at TG HQ.

I'm in no way sore at ThinkGeek for my extra helping of Cyber Clean. In fact, I LOL'd upon opening the box. I'll give them a call this week to reserve my "meh." badge holder and I'm sure they'll be happy to help me out. In the meantime, maybe I'll do a Cyber Clean review. I'll try to get that posted sometime before 2012. Winking smile

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