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My Pal Esteban

by Brandon June 29, 2011 03:42 AM
It was so nice outside yesterday I decided to go outside for a bit when I got home from work. I walked around the house to check out how well, or not so well, the lawn has been. We've had a ton of rain lately, so I was expecting decent results. On my way, I came across the baby bird pictured here. At first, I thought it was injured. It didn't move a bit, except for its head. I was able to get right up on it. When I put my finger close to the head, it opened its mouth ... as in, "Hey, feed me!" If I'm going to feed a bird, then it has to have a name. That's just natural. The bird's name was henceforth "Esteban." Why Esteban? Why not? As a great movie scientist once said, "It just popped in there." Note, I have no idea if this was a male or female bird. Why would I want to feed a wild bird? Why not let nature take its course? Should I adhere to a strict policy of non-interference? Nah, I really just didn't want a dead bird in the lawn. I have to mow tomorrow. So, I was off to... [More]

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ThinkGeek got it right

by Brandon February 19, 2011 04:39 PM
Hey there! I'm just now posting my follow-up to my follow-up. There's no unboxing video for you to enjoy. I figured it wasn't worth it when I received a padded envelope (right on time, I may add). ThinkGeek made good on the order for the "Meh." badge holder. So how is the badge holder? It works as promised, but the string is a little too short for me. The belt clip also tends to come off my belt when pulling the badge. The "Meh." is just a sticker that wasn't even centered quite correctly. Now that I have it, I'm not even using the thing. Ah well. At least I have Cyber Clean!



ThinkGeek follow-up

by Brandon January 12, 2011 09:42 PM
I received an unexpected shipping conformation from ThinkGeek today [More]


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ThinkGeek is trying to tell me something

by Brandon December 29, 2010 03:03 AM
ThinkGeek gives me a hint for the holidays. [More]

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Illinois State Fair Follies and Fun

by Brandon August 21, 2010 03:26 PM
A unique photo opportunity from 2010's Illinois State Fiar. [More]

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This Backup is Gonna Take a While!

by Brandon March 30, 2010 02:20 AM
A take on the sometimes humorous, unexpected results from playing with trial backup/restore software. [More]

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